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Sanders Ground Essentials, Inc. offers three service plans. Details of those plans are listed below. The price of each application is dependent upon the square footage of your lawn. Contact our office at 501.315.9395 for an estimate and assistance in selecting a service plan that best suits your turf needs. Estimates are always free. Once you have selected a plan, we will work together to implement that specific plan to further enrich the health of your turf.  Let's Get Growing!

 Service Plan 1 - GROUND ESSENTIALS 

Service Plan 1 is your basic Ground Essentials. It consists of two blanket sprays of a pre emergent and a broadleaf/grassy weed herbicide. In addition, this plan provides two fertilizations during the growing months, along with a selective “spot spray” of any summer or winter annual weeds. 

 Service Plan 2 - LET'S GET GROWING 

Service Plan 2 provides all of your “Ground Essentials” of Plan 1, with another fertilization boost for optimum growth! Let’s Get Growing! 

 Service Plan 3 - GREEN WITH ENVY 

Service Plan 3 takes it one step further with a preventative grub control application. Your neighbors will be Green With Envy! 

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