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"Let's Get Growing!"

Sanders Ground Essentials, Inc. is operated by Kent and Kyle Sanders.  As a high school sophomore, Kent began mowing yards to earn extra money under the name Sanders Lawns, Limbs and Leaves.  Following graduation from High School in 2000, two employees were added to keep up with the growing business, and Sanders Lawns, Limbs and Leaves continued to operate with one crew until 2003.  During that time, the business was primarily geared toward lawn maintenance.  

Kent Sanders⎪President

In 2004, the business name was changed to Sanders Ground Essentials, Inc. to better reflect the variety of services offered.  The business continued to grow and expand with the addition of employees and crews to better serve our customers.  In an effort to provide full, well rounded service to our customers, Sanders Ground Essentials, Inc. added a weed control and fertilization crew in 2006.  That same year, Kyle Sanders joined the company as Operations Manager to assist with the increased demand of our services.

Since that time, Kent and Kyle Sanders have worked diligently to increase their knowledge in the development and maintenance of healthy turfgrass.  They have successfully implemented weed control and fertilization programs for their customers.

Through the years, customer satisfaction and individualized service have remained paramount.  The growth and expansion of Sanders Ground Essentials, Inc. has been built on the foundation of meeting each customer's specific needs.  Our team analyzes each customer's lawn and develops an individualized plan to enhance the health and beauty of their lawn.  Our commitment to you is to ensure that the level of our service performed will always be to the highest possible industry standards.

Kyle Sanders⎪Operations Manager

Due to the growing demand for quality weed control and fertilization services, Sanders Ground Essentials, Inc. began tailoring the business to expand the provision of these services.

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