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At Sanders Ground Essentials, Inc., we understand that every lawn is unique. With this in mind, we will analyze your lawn and customize a weed control and fertilization program to promote optimal growth and beauty specifically for your turf.


There are many factors to consider when developing a customized program. Before we can adequately address what we can see, we need to effectively analyze what we cannot see. Upon initiation of your service, we will obtain a soil sample from your lawn and send it to the University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture for a complete soil analysis. The results of the soil analysis provide us with four very important factors that will directly influence the overall health and appearance of your turf. These include the soil pH with lime recommendations, the Phosphorous levels, the Potassium levels, and Nitrogen requirements for optimum growth. This information will allow us to determine which chemicals and fertilizers are best suited to your lawn. Each year that we service your lawn, we will take another soil sample and adjust your individualized treatment plan accordingly based on those results.


Our service program includes two blanket spray liquid applications: one in the spring and one in the fall. These applications will consist of a preemergent, broadleaf herbicide, and a grassy weed herbicide. When applied at the correct time and at the proper rate, the spring application will control the majority of your summer annual weeds while the fall application will control the majority of your winter annual weeds. There will be fertilizer applications along with spot spraying for weed control during the growing season. So each time we visit your lawn, there will be some form of weed control performed.


We offer three service plans which allow you to customize the frequency of your service based on your turf needs. You will nd details about each of those service plans on the reverse side of this brochure.  Along with our individualized approach to each lawn, we believe our experience in weed control and fertilization of commercial turf, residential turf and recreational playing fields and our commitment to quality work will be assets to your property.            

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