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Lawn Treatment Round 1 service is a blanket spray application.  The spray mixture will include a pre-emergent product and a post emergent product. 

The pre-emergent herbicide is designed to create a barrier at the soil level to prevent summer annual weed seeds from germinating.  The post emergent products are designed to kill any weeds that are currently be up and growing.


After the application:


  • Stay off the treatment area until dry: It's always a good practice to keep children and pets off of your lawn following an application until it's dry, which is typically within two hours.


  • WAIT before watering: In most cases, the chemicals will be rainfast two to six hours after application. However, it is optimum to wait 24 hours before watering to allow the turf and weeds sufficient time to uptake the chemicals.


  • WATER IN THE TREATMENT: After 24 hours, your lawn needs to be watered within the next 13 days. The treatment needs to be watered in with at least a half-inch of water. This “watering in” is critical as it will move the chemicals from the blades of grass through the thatch layer into the soil level to create a barrier to prevent most weed seeds from germinating. Failure to water this treatment in by means of natural rainfall or irrigation will result in a compromised barrier that will deteriorate faster, resulting in a higher chance for weed invasion.

  • Tracker dye information: You may notice that your turf is a blue/green color after today’s treatment. A tracker dye (which is blue is in color) is added to the chemicals used to blanket spray to allow the technician to ensure adequate coverage of the treatment area.  This is a temporary water-soluble colorant which will fade quickly after rainfall or watering.

If you have any questions or need more help, please give us a buzz at 501.315.9395!


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