Your Soil Report
The foundation for an appropriate weed control and fertilization program starts from the ground up and is more than meets the eye. Before you can adequately address what you can see, you need to effectively analyze what you cannot see.

With this in mind, upon culmination of your service we will take the opportunity to obtain a soil sample from your lawn and forward it to the University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture for a complete soil analysis. The results of the soil analysis will tell four very important factors that will directly influence the overall health and appearance of your turf. These include the soil pH with lime recommendations, the Phosphorous and Potassium levels, and Nitrogen recommendation for optimum growth. This information will allow for the development of a customized plan of action specific for your turf based upon its soil needs & jointly we can implement a plan to further enrich the health and appearance of your turf.

External Resources
For more information about your soil report please use these links to the University of Arkansas Turf Website:

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