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Commercial & Residential Lawn Maintenance in Benton, AR

When you call we will come out and review our ABC's with you.
Sanders Ground Essentials, Inc
"A-B-C Plan"
A - ANALYZE Your Turf
B - BUILD A Customized Plan
C - CREATE The Envy

Once we have reviewed your ABC's, and determine which service plan best suits your turf needs we will work together to implement that specific plan to further enrich the health of your turf. Our various commercial & residential lawn maintenance options and service plans are listed below. 
commercial lawn maintenance Benton, AR
Service Plan I - "Ground Essentials"

Plan I is your basic Ground Essentials. It consists of two blanket sprays of pre emergent and a broadleft/grassy weed herbicide. In addition, this plan provides three fertilizations during the growing months, along with a selective "spot spray" of any summer or winter annual weeds.
Service Plan II - "Let's Get Growing"

Plan II provides all of your "Ground Essentials" of Plan I, with another fertilization boost for optimum growth! Let's Get Growing!
Service Plan III - "Green With Envy"

Plan III takes it one step further with a preventative grub control application. Your neighbors will be Green With Envy! 

From lime treatments to grass reseeding, we do it all!

  • Aeration
  • Disease Control
  • Insect Control
  • Lime Application
  • Overseeding
  • Preventative Fire Ant Control
  • Preventative Grub Control
Have questions? Wondering if our Weed Control & Fertilization services are right for you? Have a look at our Weed Control & Fertilization Philosophy.

Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page has some common questions and answers that you may be wondering. Check it out!
residential lawn maintenance Benton, AR
Did you know?
  • A weed control and fertilization program may be started at any time of year.
  • You can elect to receive one application or all seven.
  • We will not notify you prior to your application unless you specifically request it.
  • A sign will be placed in your lawn to notify you that an application has been completed.
  • Following each application, an invoice will be attached to the front door of your home or business.
  • On the reverse side of your invoice will be a detailed description and summary of the application your lawn received.
  • Soil pH testing will be completed upon commencement of program and at the discretion of the technician or at the request of homeowner. Lime application will be recommended as needed and applied for an additional charge.
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