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Lime Treatments for Benton, AR

Soil pH is a measure of a soil's acidity and alkalinity that governs the availability of many soil nutrients, and can directly influence the vigor and quality of your turf. The severity of soil acidity has a major influence on nutrient availability. Proper soil pH is necessary to produce a healthy, high-quality, attractive lawn.

Lime is often applied to Arkansas lawns to help raise the soil pH near neutral, which increases the availability of most plant nutrients. The first step in liming your home lawn is to obtain a soil test before applying any nutrients. A soil test provides key information including soil pH, potassium and phosphorous levels and is a true representative to determine the nutrients supply in the soil.

lime treatments Benton, AR

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Benefits of adding lime to your lawn include:
  • Increases pH in acidic soils by replacing Hydrogen and Aluminum with Calcium increasing nutrient availability.
  • Supplies turf essential plant and soil nutrient calcium.
  • Helps convert fertilizer into plant available forms.
  • Stimulates soil microbial activity, aiding in the decomposition of organic matter.
  • Clean, accurate application.
  • Apply in any season.
  • Rapid response with consistent results.
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For more information about your applying lime to your yard and please use this link to the University of Arkansas Turf Website:
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